AAllison Siebern, PhD, DAc, LAc, CBSM


Once a month Saturday morning community acupuncture clinic

Click here to schedule: https://integrativesleepwakehealth.janeapp.com/locations/community-acupuncture/book#/staff_member/1

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Contact:  FuquayAcupuncture@gmail.com

Session Time: approximately 30-45 minutes

Fee: $50 for return clients, $60 for a new client
We currently accept payment by cash, check, and credit card. We also accept FSA and HSA cards.


Community acupuncture offers an affordable and accessible option. At Breathing Space, community acupuncture is focused on wellness, balance and support treatments for each client. The community acupuncture takes place in the yoga studio in zero gravity chairs and in this group setting there are other clients sitting for their treatment at the same time which can increase the healing experience. There is only soft speaking in this space. No personal health information is shared in the group space but your forms will be reviewed prior to the session and you will confirm what you would like to focus on. You may be asked for a pre and post treatment rating on how you feel as well as questions to ensure your comfort during the treatment.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows access to the forearms and feet. In community acupuncture there is no removing of clothing as distal points are needled (on the forearms and hands and knees and feet) so please wear clothing that makes these areas easily accessible. Other points needled may include the ears or on the head. Each treatment is different for each client.

Please hydrate and eat within 2 hours of your scheduled session. Avoid wearing strong cologne or perfume as others may have a sensitivity to scents and please turn off cell phones when in the group space.

Feel free to bring a small blanket if you easily get cold and want to cover up during the treatment. You are also welcome to bring an eye mask or something to cover your eyes during the treatment if you want to sit back, relax, and take a nap.

Please go to the above link to schedule and complete the required forms. If you are coming with family or friend(s) you can schedule back-to-back appointments so you can sit for your treatments at the same time. Let us know this on the form or when you check-in.


Allison Siebern, PhD, DAc, LAc, CBSM is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of North Carolina. She received her Master’s in acupuncture from Jung Tao in Boone, North Carolina and doctorate in acupuncture from Five Branches University in Santa Cruz. She is passionate about the field of acupuncture and making it accessible to the Fuquay Varina Community.