Cynthia Hever
Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)

Cynthia Hever

Cynthia Hever

“Always be kind. Always be generous. Always do what’s right.”



I am a 220hr RYT and also a Certified North Carolina Environmental Educator and hold degrees in Astronomy, Physics and English.

I was drawn to yoga years ago from a book I read. I started as a home practice and eventually attended studio sessions.

Teaching style

I teach an inspirational, creative, strength building Vinyasa class with students. The foundation of the practice is ahimsa, no harm to self and all living creatures. Ahimsa came to me as a teen and I later learned it’s the first of the cardinal virtues of yoga. During class, I include translations of Sanskrit words used, weave in facts about the natural world and the beings who share the planet with us to bring a sense of connectedness and peace.

What inspires you in your teaching?

Practicing and sharing with others. Nature and the Earth.

Which areas of yoga do you cover in your teaching?

Vinyasa flow, gentle, philosophy, meditation.


RT200, Teaching Yoga to Seniors