Dona Backhaus
Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)

Dona Backhaus

Dona Backhaus

“There is no substitute for the practice of prayer and meditation.”



Yoga began for Dona as another ‘exercise’ class but in 2001, after suffering from a broken back, broken ribs, and broken foot bones, she discovered yoga as the therapeutic answer to help her work through the long road to healing. Through her love of yoga, and the healing and calming effects of yoga and meditation, she developed a passion for yoga and a strong desire to share its benefits with seniors.

Teaching style

Dona believes the relationship between yoga students and teachers is special. Each develop, trust and move in tandem toward a deeper sense of well-being as they learn, grow and share in the journey of self-development. Dona teaches in the lyengar style paying close attention to anatomical details, with a strong emphasis on alignment, and breath combined with a creative use of props. Her classes are designed to cultivate flexibility, strength, balance, and awareness and are often therapeutically tailored for specific concerns of the class attendees. While she has taught all age groups, she has developed a particular passion and study to offer yoga to seniors and anyone requiring a gentle approach to yoga.

What inspires you in your teaching?

My students! It’s inspiring to hear yogi students share their personal testimonies about how our yoga practice has helped them feel better by reducing their stress & anxiety, and how they notice increased mobility. Yoga is an attitude — performed by our everyday actions, each movement is an asana, each thought a meditation, & each breath the very essence of pranayama — the blessed breath of life! Dona didn’t choose yoga….Yoga chose her! Driven by her love for healthy living and healing benefits of a consistent yoga practice, her the journey continues. Yoga is much more than an ‘exercise’ class, it’s threaded through her very existence.

Which areas of yoga do you cover in your teaching?

Dona is dedicated to creating an environment that invites every yogi student to explore yoga in a way that honors the individual’s own needs and uniqueness. She has learned that students come to yoga practice for many reasons and it is her desire to help anyone who enters her class to learn and to reap the benefits of the practice. While firmly grounded in the roots of this ancient tradition, Dona aspires to bring her humble knowledge, talents and style of her therapeutic/restorative practice and teaching to the yoga community. She is hopeful others will join in her yoga journey aspiring to remain flexible, to maintain mobility and to move and breathe to better health!

Workshops, trainings, trips

Dona continues to learn, read, and to practice yoga. She consistently reads yoga journals/books, and takes workshops tailored to practicing and teaching yoga to seniors and people with health concerns.