Lynda Lyle
Access Bar Facilitator and Trainer


  • Private Reiki Healing Session
  • Access Bar Sessions


Teaching Certifications: Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Access Energy Facelift, Reiki Certified


I have always known that there is so much more to life than what we acknowledge in this world and tried to stay connected to the unseen.

How did you discover your area of practice?

I took my first Reiki class in 2016 and rediscovered the unseen energy and wanted to learn and experience more. I was introduced to Access Bars about that same time and fell in love with it. I became a Practitioner and then a Facilitator. I also became certified as an Access Energy Facelift Practitioner and am continuing to work on learning more about and becoming certified in other areas of Energy Healing.

Teaching style

I work on having a caring, relaxed and comforting approach whenever I work with anyone using the different techniques.

What inspires you in your teaching?

The feedback that I receive on how relaxed they feel, how good their bodies feel and how their friends and families can see a change in their attitude and mood.

Which areas do you cover in your teaching?

Access Bars, Access Energy Facelift, Reiki and I use Crystals and Essential Oils to help facilitate the healing


I have taken classes and become certified as an Access Bars Facilitator so I can teach others Access Bars. I am certified as an Acccess Energy Facelift Practitioner and Reiki I certified. I have gone to Reiki Shares, Archangelic Meditations, weekend Consciousness retreats, Essential oils and herbs.